• In service of learning, we practice responsive and progressive education, and strive for equity.
  • In service of the whole person, we embrace unique gifts, experiences, and relationships.
  • In service of social justice, we foster responsibility, advocacy, and compassion.
  • In service of democracy, we nurture individual and collective growth.
  • In service of the world, we cultivate curiosity, creativity, and innovation.

Social Justice

At Wingra, we are committed to shared respect for human diversity and social justice. Children who experience themselves as socially valuable throughout their childhood, feel trust and have the greatest likelihood of facilitating the transition to a socially just world. Adults can use this information to restructure their own relationships toward a more just society. Each stage of a child’s development has a unique expression of social justice. When these natural capacities are developed, it is not whether a person participates, but how. Participation becomes a societal norm when each person’s contribution has been recognized, appreciated, and engaged. That appreciation of social justice becomes an initial condition for the transition into adult life.

Our shared respect for inclusion and social justice in each age of childhood is supported by our learning materials as well as our educators’ attitudes and activities. Recognition and respect for the child’s valuable contributions to social justice fosters and encourages:

  • Each child’s sense of self-identity and well-being

  • Acceptance of diversity by allowing children to ask about and explore differences

  • Empathy towards others

  • The ability to identify acts of discrimination and stereotypic images of their world

  • The ability to stand up for her/him/themselves and others in the face of bias

As a progressive school, Wingra also embraces a century-long commitment to educating students to be active participants in our democracy. We honor and emphasize the process of learning and create an environment in which children’s strengths and unique ways of learning are supported. With inquiry at the heart of our curriculum, we teach children to be thinkers, challengers, and wonderers.

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