CTF Meeting Highlights from January 24, 2022

Sky Readers

Can Sky students be allowed to read to the Pond? Yes, because it is such a controlled environment and they can be properly masked and distanced.

Support for Band Lessons

Band lessons are going better with a support person to help the students get on Zoom! We will continue to have someone helping the kids get set up for lessons. 


A reminder even on the coldest days we will keep at least one window cracked to increase ventilation. Please be sure to add layers to your student’s at-school clothing supply to be sure they can stay comfortable during the day.

Science Night

Science Night will not be in person on 2/22. The event will either be virtual OR will be postponed until it can be an in-person event.

Up-to-Date Vaccines

Reminder to the Sky families that for a 12+ year-old to be considered up-to-date for the COVID vaccine, they must receive a booster 6 months after their second primary-round vaccine. If a student is a close contact in the community or at school, and they are not up-to-date, they will be asked to quarantine at home.