CTF Meeting Highlights from November 4, 2021

New COVID Vaccines for Ages 5-12

The CTF feels strongly that vaccinations are the best option for protecting against severe disease. We encourage families to discuss vaccination with their primary care physicians. At this time we will not be offering vaccinations on campus.

COVID Testing

Fitchburg Family Pharmacy has asked to move testing inside as their equipment is not meant to be outside in the colder weather. We conducted testing in the PEAC with students 6 feet apart, the outside door open, and AC fans running. We will move forward with this plan as the weather changes.

Vaccination Policy

The Board has asked the CTF to draft a vaccination policy for students. We will move forward with weaving vaccination status into our tiered approach and wait for full FDA approval to discuss any policy changes.

Tiered Approach and Masking

Over the next week, the CTF will publish a tiered plan that will address our masking policy based on levels of community spread. We will adhere to this plan even if the Public Health mandate is allowed to expire.