CTF Meeting Highlights from November 11 & 18, 2021

New Meeting Time

The CTF will change the weekly meeting to Tuesdays.

ADA Requirements

Since it is a public event we are investigating what ADA requirements would be if someone came to the Open House and had a doctor’s note exempting them from wearing a mask.

Mask Mandate

Wingra will continue to require masks inside and outside even if the Dane County mandate is allowed to expire on the 27th.

Fall Open House

Fall Open House will take place on 12/4. There will be an outside component as well as allowing families to visit the classrooms and chat with the teachers. The CTF needs to check in with teachers to ensure that they are comfortable with the current open house plan.


Band will take place indoors. Non-wind instrument lessons will happen in the music room. Students that play wind instruments will have zoom lessons and have been asked to purchase instrument masks and bell covers. They will be alone in one space with Yvonne in another room. There will be 40 minutes between one student being in a room and the next student coming into that same space.

Outdoor Physical Contact

The CTF has reminded staff that outdoor, prolonged physical contact needs to be documented as a close contact. The Lake students have asked about playing capture the flag with flag football belts, and that will be allowed.

Decision Tree

The CTF will help ASTs and Levels teachers with a decision tree surrounding learning indoors vs outdoors as the weather gets colder.

Eating Indoors

The CTF is determining the indoor eating plan as the weather gets colder. If students need to eat indoors they will be at least 6 feet apart and will remain silent while they are unmasked and eating. Mary and Daniel will work together to find eating spaces and determine supervision schedules.