CTF Meeting Highlights from October 7, 2021

COVID testing for Practicum Students

Practicum students are all fully vaccinated and will be offered weekly testing but are not required to participate.

Staff Unmasking when Students not Present

When students are out of the building, staff removing masks indoors is okay if they are the only person in the room with all doors shut. Teaching teams need to continue wearing masks if they are together in the same space.

Public Health Notes for Newsletter

Public Health corner in the newsletter, this month will be on handwashing.

Increasing Outdoor Classroom Space

Working on providing suitable outdoor classroom space for Danya to do art outside. Discussion surrounding making an area near the parking lot or boiler room roof. We will be purchasing more folding/weather-proof tables and possibly some stools.

Band on Bad Weather Days 

If bad weather happens on a Thursday, Band will continue to meet indoors but will limit activities to not playing instruments.