CTF Meeting Highlights from October 29, 2021

Increasing Vaccinated Parent Volunteers

We continue to work on our tiered approach to loosening or tightening COVID protocols. At the request of the Nest it was established that we will allow vaccinated volunteers in outdoor and student-occupied indoor spaces (masked and distanced) when we get to the Orange (or Substantial) level of community spread.


We will continue to work with Yvonne to find ways to accommodate band students as the weather changes. The plan is still being worked through, but will likely include offering separate spaces indoors for students to do shorter individual lessons with Yvonne over Zoom. 

Parent Teacher Conferences

Parent teacher conferences will be held indoors, in person at Wingra. If a family feels uncomfortable we will make space to be outside or on zoom.

Adding in Additional Activities

Singing in music class and more interactive games in wellness will be considered as community spread lessons and vaccines are available to all students.