CTF Meeting Highlights from October 22, 2021

Tiered Approach

The tiered approach is still being worked through. Will present to the community when it is ready.

Celebrating Staff Members

Celebrating staff members that are juggling so much including following COVID protocols. Finding ways to celebrate them and express our gratitude.

Positive COVID Test Reflection

  1. We took the time to find and follow agreed-upon procedures. 
  2. We want to make sure that any positive individuals feel supported and cared for by our community. 
  3. We could benefit from a refresher course on the John Hopkins contract tracing. 
  4. We will continue to use the DHS guidance on defining a close contact.
  5. We will adhere to a full 10 day isolation period for positive cases and close contacts even if there are subsequent negative tests. 
  6. “If there is one thing that we know about this virus, it is when we allow uncertainty to reduce our precautions, the virus spreads.” 
  7. Acknowledging the variety of circumstances and unique stories and needs, while centering ourselves around our agreed-upon protocols–even when this feels difficult.

Community Request

A community request to consider quarantining vaccinated individuals that were close contacts. We will continue to follow DHS recommendations which do not require vaccinated close contacts to quarantine.

Community Request

A community request that staff members remain masked in the building at all times regardless of whether students are present or doors are closed. 

  1. The classroom spaces are very well ventilated. Teachers/staff working in those areas are able to take a mask break and eat lunch in their spaces (as long as the windows are open and fans are running). 
  2. We will examine the front office complex for ways to increase safety and rigor with mask-wearing, ventilation, and providing alternative spaces for breaks and lunch. We can consider replacing some of the fixed windows with ones that open.

N-95 Masks

Dave will order more N-95 masks.