CTF Meeting Highlights from October 15, 2021

Wingra Graduates Visiting Day

Often Wingra graduates come back to visit on an upcoming MMSD holiday (Wingra is in attendance that day). The CTF decided that vaccinated graduates could return if they stay outside, masked, and distanced during a supervised chat or Q&A.

Starting the Day Indoors

The Lake asked about moving to start their day indoors. The CTF would like the Lake to continue to start their days outside. They will offer support to the Lake teachers to see what is most needed to help support their outdoor time.

Family Dance

The family dance can’t be indoors this year. We will host a virtual dance at the end of October and hope that we can gather in person in the spring.

Tiered Action Plan

The CTF will create a tiered action plan which will lay out triggers based on community spread for requiring certain safety measures. It will hopefully answer continuing staff and family questions surrounding how and when we will tighten or loosen COVID restrictions.