CTF Meeting Highlights from September 16, 2021 

Vaccine Status

100% of teachers, staff, and tutors are fully vaccinated against COVID

Rock Band

Rock Band will be allowed to record wind instruments and singing outdoors, alternating weeks with recording drums/keyboards/etc indoors.

Screening Testing Reflections

  1. Whatever software hiccup DHS experienced has made it so we still don’t have last weeks testing results
  2. Testing is meant to help us see how well our internal protocols are working and to find asymptomatic cases

Parent Volunteers

Parent Volunteers will be allowed to come inside if they are vaccinated, screened, masked, and distanced. We will likely ask most parent volunteers to be outside unless deemed essential.

DMNA Volunteers

This weekend DMNA will host volunteers to plant the rain garden. These volunteers will be allowed to use the front bathroom. The doors to the rest of the building will be shut.