CTF Meeting Highlights from September 23, 2021 

Volunteer Form

Johanna will be adding a COVID vaccination section to the current volunteer form. All parent volunteers in the building will need to complete this form before starting their volunteer work. 

Close Physical Contact

In order to maintain safety outdoors, all students will be asked to refrain from close physical contact such as hugging during their outdoor breaks. 

Monitoring Masking

Recess attendants will continue closely to monitor mask usage outside. If a student needs a mask break, they will be asked to be seated 6 ft away from others.

Vaccine Policy Recommendation

The CTF will make a recommendation to the board concerning a vaccination policy for Wingra staff. 

Webinar for Public Health & School Stakeholders

A member of the CTF attended the webinar and shared notes with the rest of the CTF. A highlighted note from the webinar is that experts are highly recommending at least a 10 day quarantine after a known exposure to COVID-19.