RTF Meeting Highlights from June 4, 2021 

Board of Trustees Annual Meeting

The Board of Trustees Annual Meeting will be held outdoors at Wingra. Attendees will be masked outdoors except for the person speaking.

Fun Day (update)

Distanced learners will be invited to the whole school gathering at the end of the day and have been invited to go down the waterslide AFTER the gathering. CA’s and Level teachers have offered to help supervise. Dave has offered to wait to clean up until 3:30pm. 

Transitioning our committee

Over the summer we will stay on top of new guidance and information, start to consider and plan for learning in the fall, meet bi-weekly (more frequently starting late July), and continue to provide RTF Updates to the communities via newsletters and the website. We will also consider what other voices and perspectives might be part of the committee for the 2021-2022 school year.