RTF Meeting Highlights from May 21, 2021 

Dane County Order

The RTF reviewed the new School Guidance & Recommendations for Schools and the Public Health Announcement and has decided to not change any of our COVID protocols at this time.

Goal Feedback Conferences

All upcoming goal feedback conferences will be virtual. 

Fun Day

Fun Day will be scheduled for Monday, June 7 as a half-day, with Tuesday as a backup in case of bad weather. Class cohorts will need to stay in their groups during the outside activities, including if the whole school gathers on the lawn. Distance learners are welcome to come to campus to join, but they would need to stay distanced.  

COVID Guidelines for Teatro ñ! 

Teatro ñ! can use the building during the summer starting at 1p. The CDC is still recommending that children wear masks indoors and we will likely ask that they follow those recommendations. 

RTF Updates May 14, 2021

RTF Updates May 7, 2021