RTF Meeting Highlights from May 28, 2021 

Graduation Plans

Grad seniors can sit at the front in distanced chairs with masks. The chairs will be sufficiently distanced from the podium so that masks can be removed while Grad Seniors are speaking. Family groups will be seated in distanced pods. All guests to be masked with the exception of eating/drinking.

Staff Week Masking Requirements

A survey will be sent out to all staff members regarding masking requirements during staff week. We will gather input on staff comfort levels in light of changing CDC guidelines. 

Fun Day

Distanced learners will be invited to the whole school gathering at the end of the day. There is one Grad Senior distance learner that will be allowed to join Fun Day with the Grad Senior group. Parents of students participating in band performances will be allowed to attend outdoor performances. 

New Guidance from PHMDC

Debbie has new guidelines from PHMDC that detail mask use as a mitigating factor in considering if someone is a close contact for COVID. She will review and update the RTF with any pertinent information. 

Buildings & Grounds Meeting

The Buildings & Grounds committee will meet in the outdoor classroom on June 8th. If there is any food served, it will follow the sharing, serving, and covering rules that have been established as safe practices. 

Looking Ahead to Fall 2021

There is a desire to share with families preliminary plans for fall. RTF will review guidelines against current and anticipated recommendations and keep the community apprised of any potential changes surrounding COVID protocols and community commitments.

RTF Updates May 21,2021

RTF Updates May 14, 2021