RTF Meeting Highlights from May 14, 2021 

Vaccines for 12-15 Year Olds

Sky parents have reported that Alliant has available vaccine appointments.

We are sharing a blog post from Public Health regarding vaccine availability for 12-15 year olds. We are also sharing two different flyers produced by Public Health with vaccine information:

Looking for a Vaccine?

Same Day Drop-in Vaccines at Alliant Energy Center

First Green Up 

Green Up Day went well and it was lovely to have the Nest and Pond families on campus. It can be difficult to maintain distance when working in the same spaces outside. It is something to be aware of and watch for during the remaining Green Up Days. 

KNO Rehearsals

RTF has reviewed a selection of videos and students are following community guidelines. 

CDC Mask Mandate for Vaccinated Individuals 

We will have vaccinated community members continue to wear masks on campus.

RTF Updates May 7, 2021

RTF Updates April 30, 2021