Board Corner May 2021

The Building and Grounds Committee – one of the four standing BoT committees – provides guidance regarding building and grounds concerns, works on capital improvement projects, and collaborates with the community at large. In this capacity, the committee has focused on the inextricable connection between social justice and environmental justice. The two main focal points for this year included the Meet Me Outside (MMO) initiative and the selection of a company to repair the roof and make it solar-ready. What started as a plan to enliven the outdoor space at Wingra School, MMO has grown into a multifaceted project: Board members, staff, and community members have been working together to develop our on-site gardens for learning and care and a possible Farm-to-School food program. The goal is to contribute to a healthy environment and therefore healthy people and have students carry their respect for the natural world and one another into their journey beyond Wingra School. In line with this mission, the committee also received a grant through the Dudgeon Monroe Neighborhood Association Garden and Path Committee to implement educational outreaches surrounding water stewardship in the 2021-2022 school year. The link between social and environmental justice was also evident in the search for a roofing contractor. The committee interviewed companies on the actions they have taken regarding justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion. This process helped identify a contractor that aligns with Wingra School’s values, raised awareness that these issues matter, and enabled Wingra School to hold a mirror up to itself: How are we living out our mission and values every day? We are excited to see how these initiatives grow in the coming year!