100 Days of Conversations about School image of child thinking with a text box above

On Tuesday, April 27, Wingra hosted a conversation as part of “100 Days of Conversations,” a national initiative to collectively reimagine school post pandemic. This conversation was one of the hundreds of conversations happening in communities across the country. We talked about what’s working, what isn’t, and what our dreams are for a more fair and equitable education of tomorrow. The team at 100 Days of Conversations plans to analyze the transcripts from all of the conversations to center student, educator, and community voices in making policy and practice recommendations. Thank you to the members of the Wingra community who participated in this small group discussion and contributed to a national conversation about the future of school.


If you are interested in reflecting on or discussing this topic, here were some of the questions up for discussion:

  • What makes a good life for you?
    • Is there any difference between a good life as a young person and a good life as an adult?
    • If you said, “happy,” what do you think it takes to be happy?
  • What makes a thriving community?
    • What do you think makes it hard to thrive as a community?
    • Is there any difference for school communities?
  • For you, ideally, what role would school play in creating a good life and/or thriving community?
  • What was important about or in school before, but you never really realized how important until this year?
  • Knowing what you know now, is there anything you hope will be different about school moving forward?
    • What, specifically, might you change in curriculum or structure?
  • Describe an empowering learning experience you’ve had – this could be in or outside of school. (Empowering means made you feel stronger and more confident or in control) What made it feel empowering?
  • What does equity in education look like to you? (equity means fair and everyone has what they need)
    • Is your school equitable? Is our system?
    • When you think about your school, whose voices aren’t heard; or, whose perspectives aren’t respected?
    • Why do you think that is?
  • What are you proud of from this year – for yourself and/or for how your school community handled the challenges?

You can learn more about the 100 Days of Conversation initiative on their website.

In addition to contributing to this national conversation, we look forward to providing more opportunities to engage with the Wingra community in conversations about progressive education and the future of Wingra.

-Daniel Torres-Rangel, Director of Education