RTF Meeting Highlights from April 30, 2021


Review New Research

RTF looked at new articles surrounding MIT research on distancing as an effective measure against COVID. Decided that no protocol changes are necessary at this time. 

Public Health order #16: At the end of the gathering language for both inside and outside gatherings, we added “except when in transit” to provide clarity that passing others in transit with less than six (6) feet is ok.

Lunchroom Summer Usage

Hoping to work with Teatro ñ!. The roof project and New Morning do not appear to be obstacles. We discussed if we can use admin team hours to support their use of the building, be a contact for them while they are here. Use of the space hinges on them providing insurance. 

American Girl//Mattel Photoshoot

We have been approached by Mattel to do a photoshoot in a classroom. They will only be on campus while staff and students are not present. Dates being decided.

City of Madison Parks & Neighbors

While school was at a distance our neighbors became accustomed to using the playground during school hours. They have complained to the City Parks that Wingra students have not been kind in their interactions over use of the playground. In conjunction with the City, Wingra has put up new signage reminding neighbors that we have exclusive access to the park during school hours. We have also asked that staff take care in their interactions with our neighbors as we want to foster positive relationships in our community.

New Close Contact Clipboard 

In an effort to make the paper trail more efficient and effective, a new close contact tracking system was developed and put into place this week.