People learn most when theiremotions are engaged.The way to get kids emotionally engaged is toteach relevance:how does this connect with their life, their world, their community,their favorite things.

—Lisa Kass, Wingra teacher


We encourage individuals to understand their inter-connectedness within the school and beyond as they build relationships with others and consider the impact of their actions.

Thoughtful Expression

We value the opinions and contributions of those involved with the school, and we reflect mutual respect, trust, and dignity in our exchanges.


We nurture a dynamic environment that considers changing needs and circumstances to promote individual achievement in the context of community.

Creating the Future

Wingra graduates have the confidence, self-awareness, and academic skills to chart their own unique career paths and create fulfilling and meaningful futures for themselves.

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Mission & Philosophy

As a progressive school, Wingra embraces a century-long commitment to educating students to be active participants in our democracy. We honor and emphasize the process of learning and create an environment in which children’s strengths and unique ways of learning are supported. With inquiry at the heart of our curriculum, we teach children to be thinkers, challengers, and wonderers.

  • In service of learning, we practice responsive and progressive education, and strive for equity.
  • In service of the whole person, we embrace unique gifts, experiences, and relationships.
  • In service of social justice, we foster responsibility, advocacy, and compassion.
  • In service of democracy, we nurture individual and collective growth.
  • In service of the world, we cultivate curiosity, creativity, and innovation.

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Community Involvement

Are you a local business in need of a performance space? A local artist, musician, or gardner who enjoys collaboration? Email christine@wingraschool.org with any ideas. It’s important to stay connected.