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Watch and see what a Wingra education is all about!

Big thanks to Number 20 Films, Charlotte Deleste, and Ron Giordan for their work on our new favorite Wingra video!

Social Justice: Working for Positive Change

Every year our All-School Unit reminds us of the opportunity we have at Wingra to create a unique, holistic program that engages children with the world around them.

This year, students of all ages engaged in age-appropriate conversations and activities that encouraged compassion and critical thinking.

Students explored wealth and poverty, ability and appearance, gender, civil rights, and race and ethnicity.

What an example of how the Wingra community encourages compassion, empathy, collaboration, and critical thinking and how we invite even the youngest students into important conversations.

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Wingra School: Live

Join us for Wingra School: Live! to see our teachers and students in action:

  • Friday, May 8
  • Friday, June 5

The events run from 9:00 to 10:30 a.m.

Please RSVP by calling Rebekah at (608) 238-2525 or emailing